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Many of our customers at rallies have asked us "I have an older model Ultra (pre 2014), what do you have to go in those spaces between the saddlebags and the fender in the rear"? Up until now, the answer had been "sorry, nothing" because there did not exist a way to mount any filler light into that empty space.
\nNow there is a way.  Inventors Rick and Shane Riffel worked over the 2019 Winter to design and produce the EXCLUSIVE custom filler brackets for '09-'13 Ultras, finally giving those owners a way to install filler lights into that space.
\nInstallation of these brackets enable you to use either Ciro or Custom Dynamics Filler Panel lights. (not included in bracket kit).

Custom Filler Panel Bracket Kit for '09-'13 Ultras

Excluding Sales Tax
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